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This is a free people search info site that lists court case, government agencies, law enforcement offices, vital statistics order forms to get a birth certificate online or documentation of a divorce, marriage or death. Plus county jail inmate search and department of corrections offender lookup for state prisons and detention centers.

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Looking for public record or inmate search? Find people using Court Records and get addresses, phone numbers; plus it's a free background check. Find criminal history and arrest warrant by using County Jail Inmate Search for prisoners in county jails and Department of Correction Offender Search for state prisons. Find years of offender lists including offense and booking reports.
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This includes court cases in state supreme county and some federal courts in Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota.

Find Court court records
Maine criminal records
Court records
Maine State Archives
Aroostook County
Cumberland County
Hancock County
Kennebec County
Knox County
Lincoln County
Oxford County
York County
Professional License court record search

Case Search
Baltimore directory of county courts
State court search Maryland Land Records
Clerk of court
SDAT Real Property Search
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Dukes County Courts
State Supreme Court

Allegan County court records
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Michigan's One court of justice

Minnesota free people search - All state courts
1st District Court Monroe County
10th District Court Calhoun County
12th District Court Jackson County
14A District Court Ann Arbor
16th District Court Livonia
17th District Court Redford
18th District Court Westland
19th District Court Dearborn
23rd District Court Taylor
24th District Court Allen Park & Melvindale
31st District Court Hamtramck
35th District Court Northville, Plymouth and Canton
36th District Court Detroit

Chancery Clerks
Circuit Clerks
Harrison County free court record search
Hinds court record online database
Jackson County public documents
Nurse License Inquiry
Physician Search - Find a Doctor's License
Sovereignty Commission Online This is a civil rights era mixed bag of records and archives that includes photos and other information of interest to Mississippians

Vinelink State court case search
Clay County
Eastern District dockets
Greene County
Jackson County
Southern District dockets
Western District dockets
Circuit Courts
Supreme Court

Free court records
District Courts
State Law Library
Supreme Court

District Court Sites
Corporation and Business court record
County Court
Court of Appeals
Justice Court Case Searches
Juvenile Court
Self Help
Supreme Court
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US Bankruptcy Court, in Las Vegas
Clark County, index
US District Court of Nevada
court records
Supreme Court

New Hampshire
Family Division

New Jersey
Court case search, multiple search forms
Morris County court records
Municipal Court
NJ Surrogates court
New Jersey US District Court search
Supreme Court

New Mexico
State Supreme Court
Supreme Court Law Library
NM Court of Appeals
Bernalillo Metro Court

New York
Court of appeals
State - Supreme Court
Erie County
Monroe County
New York unified court system
Rockland County

North Carolina
North Carolina court system
County criminal courts
Electronic case filing system, supreme and appellate
Supreme court docket

North Dakota
Clerk of court
Supreme Court

Doing this type of search can reveal all manner of things about a person's past or present. Police reports and arrest records are accessible as well as documentation of proceedings and clerk of court criminal and civil searches. Even if the person you are looking for didn't do anything wrong, they may have been the victim of a crime or accident and be listed as one of the parties of a trial or civil suit. If you find someone has committed a felony or misdemeanor you can also go to the inmate search page and get more information from a county jail inmate search that might reveal even more.

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